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It's impossible to put into words what my daughter achieved from your sessions but after years of misery and seeing unsuitable practitioners you literally changed her life and ours, I can never thank you enough.


Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for all your help over the last few months. I’ve just had an awesome weekend of golf winning all three of my matches and collected some silverware! It wouldn’t have been possible without you, so excited about what lies ahead! Thanks again.


I cannot imagine how our family lives would be had we not found you. I was very cynical at the beginning because of previous experiences but you changed everything . I cannot thank you enough.


I cannot recommend Zoe enough, I want to thank you for helping me turn my life around. anxiety and self confidence were stopping me from leading a normal life and right now i have come so far and each day i’m growing with confidence and learning more and more. i can do all the things i used to have to avoid and my partner and children now have mummy back again. you are brilliant at your job, professional, caring and so understanding i’m so glad i found you. i highly recommend whoever is reading this to pick up the phone and call zoe, was defiantly the right move for me and i was on the road to recovery in no time. thank you again.


With Zoe's gentle guidance I am now more able to control my IBS which I’ve had for several decades. Zoe's ready smile puts you at ease from the first meeting. She is warm-hearted, friendly, understanding and very easy to talk to, so time spent with her is really pleasant and quite comfortable. There is homework though, any exercises you are taught are expected to be practised at home in between sessons! During the hypnotherapy you are totally aware of what is going on around you, noises outside the room etc and you are able to move or get up if you wish too but you probably won't because hypnotherapy is so very relaxing'.


I have actually managed to lose quite a bit of weight, 5 Stone in fact! My confidence is much better and I feel healthier and because I feel so good I’ve actually been able to get my perfect job. I really do feel that seeing you changed my mind set and life, I think much of what you taught me has stayed with me and I still use it all on a daily basis.


When I first met Zoe I could barely leave the house because my IBS was so bad, I dreaded social situations, even going to shops was stressful, my life totally closed in. Now I rarely have IBS and when I do I know it’s because I’ve allowed myself to get stressed so take time out to look after myself . Now I know how to manage my emotions with the techniques I’ve been taught I’m able to control my tummy and feel so much better. Since seeing Zoe I am enjoying life again and have even been on several holidays, including one to Australia which is amazing as about a year ago I could barely get of the couch!


I was petrified of flying but after seeing Zoe for only a few sessions I got the confidence to fly to Las Vegas for my best friend’s hen party. Because the flight was so easy I was brave enough to take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon while I was out there too....... I would never have had the confidence to do that if it wasn’t for Zoe.


I’m now able to recognise when I'm getting stressed! Then I'm able to try to stop the angry reactions & know that it's fight or flight brain kicking in to try and protect me and I'm not a terrible person which is what I had previously thought. You always made me feel so much better and that I am a good person.


I've found Zoe very calm and professional, whatever my anxiety it was accepted and explained and explored in a very reassuring way.


You are superb at what you do and have the perfect voice for it!


You have the ability to adapt to suit the needs of the patient. You have enormous positivity and a welcoming smile.