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emotional freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique

Stress is primarily designed to get us out of danger. When we feel threatened, a part of our brain called the amygdala sets off an alarm bell which triggers the “fight or flight” response, blood is flooded with adrenaline and cortisol, increasing our heart rate and blood pressure, as well as our respiration. This allows us to transport oxygen to our muscles quickly so we can “act fast” to get out of danger.

Society has evolved since the days of our ancestors who lived in dangerous environments however our reaction to stress and danger has not. While this heightened state once helped us with the physical threat of a sabre-toothed tiger, it does little to help us with today's worries, such as job instability and paying the bills, however the response is still the same.

Tapping (also known as EFT Emotional Freedom Technique) works by ‘Tapping’ or stimulating acupuncture points, (1) you simply apply a little pressure. This interrupts the fight or flight response quickly buy sending a relaxing signal to the brain, reducing cortisol levels and increasing our 'happy chemical' serotonin, returning your body to a more relaxed state where it can think logically and rationally allowing you to make balanced decisions. There is no time for a logical thought processes when getting out the way of a wild tiger......headless chicken ring any bells?

Tapping (EFT)has been scientifically proven to reduce cortisol, the ‘stress hormone’ and releases serotonin, the ‘happy chemical’.(2) This means it can help with anything stress related, comfort eating, addiction, worry, sleep, creativity, attention, learning, the list is endless! Studies have shown that tapping can stop the production of cortisol instantly by 24% and by as much as 50% in some. (3) A study of 89 women showed that tapping 15 minutes a day over an 8 week period made them lose 16lbs without doing any more exercise or changing their diet and 6 months later the weight had still remained off. (4)

Tapping (EFT) is an essential tool for everyone who wants a healthy mind. In my sessions you will learn how to use this amazing and easy tool to increase the quality of your life. The combination of EFT Tapping process with talk therapy and hypnotherapy allows you to zero-in on the underlying core issues that need to be resolved. It is effective, cutting-edge and amazing. It works on the same problems one might bring to talk therapy but produces satisfying results far quicker with long term benefits.