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Hypnotherapy for pain

Hypnotherapy for Pain

Pain management with Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting

Research has shown that there is not necessarily a direct connection between the amount of pain you feel and your physical condition. Two soldiers with nearly identical injuries from the same bomb blast would be sitting side by side in a hospital ward. One soldier would be saying, 'Hey doc, can you sew me up? I need to get back to my unit.' And the other would be crying, moaning and writhing in pain." Studies have found positive emotions diminish the perception of pain while negative emotions kept the pain going, sometimes continuing the pain even after the initial cause had disappeared, like phantom limb pain. (2)

At the most basic level, we know that emotional freedom technique EFT aka tapping, psychotherapy, matrix reimprinting and hypnotherapy calm the amygdala in the brain; it’s calming the “fight or flight” response. What we believe is happening is that when we are in pain, we are suffering not only from the original event that caused the pain, i.e., from the original accident or trauma, but also about the situation surrounding the event - any grief, anger, resentment, or other emotion that is associated with what happened.

In the sessions we calm the mind, we calm the nervous system and actually tell it that it’s safe to relax, that everything is going to be OK. That mechanism opens up the flow of energy, relaxes the body, and lets it heal. So it’s not the emotional freedom technique EFT tapping, psychotherapy or matrix reimprinting and hypnotherapy that’s healing the pain, it’s the body itself that’s doing the healing, we’re just using the techniques to clear away the trauma which allows the body heal.


I have found the sessions incredible for pain relief, particularly the EFT and matrix reimprinting. I have had terrible pain in my knees for years, i’ve had one knee replaced and the pain in the second was becoming intolerable, I was having steroid injections in it to be able to tolerate the pain. After a few sessions of EFT the pain disappeared completely for a while and now it is at a manageable level. Every time I feel pain I use EFT tapping and it helps immediately, I’m so relieved as I don’t need to go through the trauma of having another knee replaced for good few years now I hope. Jeanne