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Hypnotherapy for sport

Hypnotherapy for Sport

Improve Sports Performance dramatically with the latest techniques using EFT Tapping, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy & Matrix Reimprinting

'They can because they think they can' - Virgil

People in life who are successful, are because they believe they can succeed. When Kelly Holmes won her gold medal at the Olympics, she said “The only thing you can think about is crossing that line – you have to focus on winning “ Kelly was talking about the enormous power that the mind has over the body and how, if we want to succeed we need to ensure that we are engaging our mind in a positive way.

Being able to control negative thoughts and emotions is the basis of sports psychology and this is done employing various psychological tools, such as EFT Tapping , NLP, Hypnotherapy and Matrix Reimprinting. Learning these tools is an exciting and empowering way of improving the level of your sport, whether you are a professional or simply wanting to improve your golf swing.

If we have a negative thought, we will get a negative emotional response and consequently our body will react, making us tense up, lose focus and/or feeling weak. In the sessions we learn how to control our thoughts and lower our stress hormone cortisol by using a unique combination of techniques in psychotherapy, EFT Tapping and hypnotherapy tailored to your personal needs. This allows you to relax your muscles so your technique is good and enables you to focus and visualise clearly what you want to achieve, increasing your success exponentially. You will also learn incredibly useful NLP techniques which top sportsman all over the world swear by. By learning how to control and over-ride negative thoughts we can access positive emotions and images making us feel calm, strong, positive, motivated and focussed. Being able to visualise yourself performing in a successful way will increase your ability enormously and make you happier too!


Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for all your help over the last few months. I’ve just had an awesome weekend of golf winning all three of my matches and collected some silverware for the club! It wouldn’t have been possible without you, so excited about what lies ahead! Thanks again. Mark