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Hypnotherapy for Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing with Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting

A woman's body is designed to give birth, it is her mind that holds her back!

Hypnobirthing has become hugely popular worldwide with the likes of The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Cindy Crawford, Pamela Anderson & Jessica Alba all benefitting from this incredible hypnotherapy technique!

Pregnancy is understandably a time of worry as your body and life are changing dramatically. You’re not alone in your concerns, research has found that ⅕ women have severe fear of birth! (1) Scientific evidence now backs up the theory that the more worried and anxious you are, the more pain you feel, hypnobirthing releases anxiety therefore helping hypnobirthing mothers minimalize pain.

Emotions play a major role in how pain is perceived, studies show that when you feel happy your perception of pain is decreased while negative emotions increase the feeling of pain dramatically (2) Two women having similar births can have totally different experiences depending on how stressed they are, the relaxed mother will feel much less discomfort compared to her worried counterpart!

Your body has a very clever way of protecting itself too, if contractions become painful it slows the contractions down in an attempt to make them bearable. Clever, however this then extends the labour! So hypnobirthing mothers are less anxious, feel less pain, have quicker births and require less drugs! Genius!

Studies show that for Hypnobirthing mothers there is a reduction in length of labour by approximately 3 hours! (3) There is also a reduced need for pain relief as less discomfort is felt by hypnobirthing mothers, studies reported 55-79% of hypnobirthing mothers needed no pain relief at all! Hypnobirthing mothers that did found the anaesthetics were administered easier and in smaller amounts than non-hypnobirthing mothers too.(4)

An estimated 10-15 % of mothers get postpartum depression, also known as ‘Baby Blues’ or ‘postnatal depression’. Studies have shown a virtual absence of postpartum depression in Hypnobirthing mothers. (5) This is because hypnobirthing teaches how manage worry easily and how to have a balanced fulfilling life.

In Hypnobirthing sessions we teach breathing, relaxation and self hypnosis techniques which put the body into a rest and relax mode. We use matrix reimprinting to release any old worries that may still be bothering you, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Tapping to take out any emotion or fear that pops up and psychotherapy to get you organised and in control. A combination of all these are incredibly powerful making you feel calm and in control. This then helps speed up the birth, makes you less susceptible to discomfort and far less exhausted, freeing up more energy to see the birth through. You receive 2 free Hypnobirthing CDs, this helps you practise all the techniques taught in the sessions at home in the run up to the birth.


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