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hypnotherapy for addiction

Hypnotherapy for Addiction

Managing Addiction & Addictive Behaviours with Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting

Addiction & Addictive behaviours arise when we feel fearful or stressed, it comes from a very basic desire to survive. When we feel stressed or anxious our body wants us to feel better so motivates us to do things that release happy chemicals in the brain making us feel better.

Addictive substances hijack us by producing happy chemicals in our brain that create a sense of pleasure or euphoria. We are only supposed to feel these sensations when we achieve something positive towards our survival such as exersize, having friends, sex or eating a good meal. When we create these feelings artificially with the use of drugs, drink or cigarettes our mind thinks they must be good for us…..exceptionally good for us in fact as they produce huge amounts of happy chemicals in the brain, far more than anything we can achieve naturally so it thinks it MUST be good! Unfortunately, when we have these huge highs our body compensates by reducing the amount of happy chemicals it makes naturally, culminating in the unavoidable low we feel afterwards. Addiction works by tricking us into thinking it soothes but actually addition makes matters far worse as it slowly turns off our ability to make happy chemicals.

The more stressed society is, the more we are seeing addiction and addictive behaviours in a misguided attempt to cope. There is increasing addiction and addictive behaviours in areas such as sex, social media, exersize and food as they all create a mini high in an otherwise dissatisfied life. Food addiction is now rampant with obesity the number 1 killer in USA with UK following close behind. When we eat that doughnut, smoke that cigarette or have that one night stand it may feel amazing at the time due to pleasure chemicals flooding our brain but once that high has worn off we are left with the inescapable low and an even bigger compulsion to do it all over again because we feel so bad, the tightening cycle of addiction. Nobody starts out with an addiction but over the course of time people slowly fall into addiction with little to no knowledge of how to get out of it again.

Good news! Through hypnotherapy, psychotherapy tapping (EFT) & matrix reimprinting we can resolve addiction and control addictive behaviours. We are able to calm the mind and control the negative thoughts that lead us to addiction and addictive substances. With hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, EFT / Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting we can regain control and restore balance in the brain chemistry that was lost through addictive substances. With psychotherapy we learn how the mind works and focus on a future that does satisfy our needs. Hypnotherapy allows the body to relax and uses our imagination and alpha brainwaves to make subconscious shifts. With Matrix Reimprinting using EFT we can revisit old memories that sabotage us and transform them, releasing us from addiction.